Of unicorns and gazelles

It’s now three months on from when the book was completed, so here’s a quick update on its progress through the publishing machine. As you’ll have gathered from the silence on this blog, not a lot happens to start with. That’s because the text is being read by the publisher’s selected ‘reader’, ie it is getting a peer review. I had the verdict back about three weeks ago, all very positive but with some good suggestions about how to beef up the final two chapters (which had originated as a single chapter, so no wonder they were rather over-lean). It is also a chance to keep the rest of the text up-to-date – one or two planning matters had been decided in the meantime – and add a few new and replacement illustrations. The latter come from the thousands (yes!) taken in June/July/August this year when I visited: Tucker’s Maltings,  St Austell Brewery, the brewhouse at Lacock, Wadworth’s, Hook Norton, Elgood’s, Bateman’s, the Bass Maltings at Sleaford, Newark for the Castle and Northgate Breweries, Robinson’s and Cain’s. Robinson’s symbol is a unicorn, Cain’s a gazelle, even though the terracotta has suffered in some of the gazelles on the building and they now look rather unicorn-like. So the amended text and illustrations will be back with the publishers this week. The next stage is copy editing – if I’ve not got the house style right, the text comes back covered in red marks and questions….. So we shall see. Don’t know how long that will take, maybe get it in September/October? When I have news of a publication date, this blog will be the first to know. Meanwhile, and still with the animal theme, I’m off to take some photos of the elephants at the old Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen.



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