Making progesss

I can see from the bright sunshine on the previous post that it’s been some time since I updated the world (well, a handful of people) on how the book is progressing. So, what has been happening since the material was sent to the publisher in mid May? Firstly they do an initial check to see that I’ve submitted what I was supposed to, in this case around 60,000 words of text and a rather excessive 323 photos. You can be sure this book is going to be well illustrated! Then silence while the selected expert reader pronounces. We passed that test too and eventually the book was allocated an editor; there followed two weeks of frantic text editing before the book was deemed ready for the design stage. Although the text file was as perfect as I could make it, typos inevitably creep in, and it does take two or more people to spot them – one’s eye reads what the mind expects it to. Following that we now have another editor to guide the book through the design process. The publication year is 2014, but until the publishers (English Heritage) issue their catalogue – very shortly – we don’t know when in 2014. For me the next stage is a laser proof of the text, and then page proofs with – at last – the illustrations in place. At that point what you have to look for is stuff like photos being dropped on to text rather than the text flowing round them. I’m only guessing now but I’d hope to see some of this before Christmas. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity of the heritage Open Days back in September to visit Warminster Maltings in Wiltshire and Harveys Brewery in Lewes, East Sussex. A great long weekend (aside from getting soaked in London between events). Pics here from Harveys; thanks to the local HODS committees for organising these visits.

Harveys mash tuns

Inside a Harveys mash tun

Harveys copper

Harveys fermenter

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