And now for the design

So, after a lot of intensive re-editing and in-depth scrutiny of all the illustrations and their various legal permissions, we have reached the exciting stage where the whole thing has been delivered to the book designer. Yesss! I’ve had my say about the cover and back cover pics, so we just have to wait and see what the designer comes up with. In format it will be similar to Licensed to Sell (English Heritage’s book on pub history and heritage) but perhaps with a slightly different interior layout. Publication will be in 2014 – not long now…. And while we wait, here’s a pretty trade card from an East Anglian brewery, Youngman & Preston, whose Eagle Brewery was in Lowestoft’s Rant Score (a score, in Suffolk-speak, is a steeply sloping route down from the cliff top). It was probably the nearest former brewery location to where I was brought up, half a mile to the north. The trade card, probably dating from just before the First World War, gives the firm’s address as Great Yarmouth – maybe this was a distribution centre? And finally, for now, you might like to glance at my new blog, about world breweries, Beerscape. Back soon with more news of the book.

Youngman Lowestoft

Youngman Lowestoft1

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