And finally the index

Latest news on the breweries book is that it now has an index, in draft form at any rate. Although technically I don’t have to provide the index, I do have to check it. So how do you check an index? By doing the index…. And if you have never done one, they are a bit like the publishing equivalent of watching paint dry. So we are very nearly there now with the book, all layout changes are complete and it is looking fabulous. A massive 264 or so pages, rather more than the 200 its entry on the Amazon website says – it has grown somewhat from the original idea. The pics this time are a couple of postcards of Burton, the top one an unusual shot of the Truman, Hanbury Buxton Black Eagle Brewery – not Truman, Hanbury Burton Brewery as it says on the card! It was put up in 1874-6 (architect George Scamell, later of Scamell & Colyer) and stood across the railway tracks from Allsopps. Its two facades were quite different, the track-facing one is much less ornamental than what would have been the building’s front on the west. It was quite an unusual design for Burton, but that didn’t stop it being demolished in 1972-3. The other card shows one of the many Bass yards.

Trumans Burton LFP

Bass Burton view with barrels postcard LFP


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