Just a few days to go……

Yes, just a few days to go until publication, which will probably be about 28 May 2014. Can’t say exactly as it is a matter of moving physical copies around the country – and as I can tell you from previous experience, quite often the author is one of the last people to get a look at a copy! So while we wait, here are a few pics of German (in fact mostly Bavarian) breweries to look at. From the top down we have the Griesbrau brewery at Murnau, the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof in Nuremberg, and three views of the Spaten brewhouse in Munich. Spaten is next door to, and now connected both physically (by a bridge) and in ownership to the Lowenbrau Brewery, which also displays its brewing vessels to the world. The Nuremberg brewery is housed above a vast range of cellars, about three to four storeys in depth, which extend below the buildings of the old town, and were used for lager storage amongst other things.







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