Beers all round, my copy of Built to Brew arrived at midday today, 24th June 2014. It has taken a while to get from first submission to printing (a little over a year), but it has been worth the wait, the book looks fantastic. So, potential readers, over to you now – you will probably find that the publishers, English Heritage, send out flyers through publications of relevant societies offering a discount on the cover price. I really enjoyed looking through the book again, even though I feel I know the illustrations off by heart now. Of course I’m still finding photographs that would have been in the book had I found them in time, like this one of the long-gone Kingsford’s Windmill Brewery in Dover, which was actually wind powered (unlike the rather more famous Bateman’s, where the mill did not power brewing). And another, a postcard of the Burton Brewery Company. And finally, thank you to everyone who has viewed this blog, commented, followed or otherwise got in touch, I really appreciate your interest. But as the blog was book-specific, and happily we now have a book, it is time to say goodbye. So unless we have any-publication-related events in the future, this is where I sign off and get back to work on the next book. (You can find me at ). I hope you enjoy Built to Brew, preferably with a beer in hand. Cheers!


Burton Brewery Company 1904 postcard LFP


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