Shopping at the museum

Week 69 Realised I hadn’t quite finished off the Hertford pics, so here’s what the Old Brewery now looks like, in its new role as a backdrop to Sainsbury’s. McMullen’s, of course, still brew in Hertford, but not in this brewhouse, which has been renovated as part of the redevelopment and now awaits new tenants, … Continue reading

That really is a microbrewery!

Week 65 And a momentous week it is too – well, for me anyway. The text of the book was completed at 9.05am on Friday 29th March 2013. Of course, there is a lot more to a book than just text, but text is the one thing you can’t do without. It will be altered … Continue reading

The sands of time

Week 56 Good progress on writing this last few weeks, as the weather (today it is pouring slush) prevents practically anything else. Finished chapter 5 yesterday, bang on time, so that’s three-fifths of the book done – aside from the dreaded captions. So four shortish chapters to go, the first on power in the brewery, … Continue reading

A brewery on the mat

Week 55 Half way through the chapter on brewers’ engineers and their manufactures – have sorted out the history of the various Pontifex firms, as best I can, and looked at all the other big firms – Briggs, Worssam and so on; just have to look at what they made now – coppers, mash tuns … Continue reading

Week 48 Well, it’s not quite number¬†48 yet, but it will be a busy week next week so I’m getting ahead of myself. So here for your amusement is a postcard –¬†bought from ebay – which maybe dates from early 20th century and shows a chap, horse and not exactly a cart, but something he … Continue reading

Brauerei Thier Dortmund

Week 46 This jolly, if somewhat intimidating chap in the clogs is advertising the Brauerei Thier in Dortmund. The postcard, a trade card, was sent in 1909 from Dortmund to London, perhaps by a rep contacting a potential buyer. Aside from being in German, which I should be able to cope with, the card’s text … Continue reading

Inside the Franconian Brewery Museum

Week 40 Here we are again in Bamberg, southern Germany, and as promised we have the photos of the Franconian Brewery Museum. It is not open every day – something like Wednesday to Saturday, mainly afternoons, but do check – and has a tardis (Tardis?)-like interior. One descends through a series of levels until the … Continue reading

And so to Bury

Week 6 Really this continues the photo story from last week, as here are a few of my Greene King Brewery pics from Bury St Edmunds. The sun chose to shine very briefly, just long enough for a handsome shot of the interwar brewhouse. This week I’ve been in Stoke-on-Trent, where the Potteries Museum and … Continue reading