Of unicorns and gazelles

It’s now three months on from when the book was completed, so here’s a quick update on its progress through the publishing machine. As you’ll have gathered from the silence on this blog, not a lot happens to start with. That’s because the text is being read by the publisher’s selected ‘reader’, ie it is … Continue reading

Shopping at the museum

Week 69 Realised I hadn’t quite finished off the Hertford pics, so here’s what the Old Brewery now looks like, in its new role as a backdrop to Sainsbury’s. McMullen’s, of course, still brew in Hertford, but not in this brewhouse, which has been renovated as part of the redevelopment and now awaits new tenants, … Continue reading

New brews in old breweries

Week 16 Continuing on from last week’s post, here’s more on Shropshire in the form of the Ludlow Brewing Company’s premises in, er, Ludlow. The company started up in 2006, occupying a grade II listed 250-year-old building once used as a maltings. Thus it was then one of around 25 or so microbreweries that have cannibalised, so … Continue reading