Meanwhile in Southwark

The publication date of Built to Brew will be a bit later than expected (technical hitch), so while we are waiting here is an interesting piece of stained glass work from Christ Church in Southwark (about a quarter mile north of Southwark underground, and open most mornings – check their website). The nave features a … Continue reading

Where they stored our beer

Week 61 Most of my time in the last few days seems to have been taken up with staring at maps of railways – I have a splendidly nerdy and very useful historical atlas of London railways, amongst other things. This is all connected with the chapter on Burton, for of course the Burton brewers, … Continue reading

Above the Anchor

Week 60 Now plodding on through chapter 7, all about development of Burton – finding out a bit more about the brewing town’s earliest architects has been fascinating, and today just acquired an unusual postcard showing one of the lesser-known breweries, so am happy bunny (or similar). Last week was briefly in London and went … Continue reading

One of our elephants is missing….

Week 59 Celebrations all round, the book is 75% complete! So on to the final three chapters, firstly one on Burton, for which I am currently trying to find a copyright-free historical map. Might as well be looking for an elephant in Camden – which brings me to this week’s pics, of the Elephant House, … Continue reading

London old, London new

Week 58 Back from a flying visit to the British Library at the weekend, amongst other things delving further into the Pontifex family of coppersmiths, who were very dominant in the plant production scene in London in early to mid Victorian times. Thanks to a splendid piece of family history research found in the BL, … Continue reading

The sands of time

Week 56 Good progress on writing this last few weeks, as the weather (today it is pouring slush) prevents practically anything else. Finished chapter 5 yesterday, bang on time, so that’s three-fifths of the book done – aside from the dreaded captions. So four shortish chapters to go, the first on power in the brewery, … Continue reading

Only here for the beer

Week 54 To continue the New Year cheer, here’s an irresistible comic card which immediately says ‘brewery’ – must be those towers and chimneys. The artist was Rollo Paterson (1892-1978), Scottish but born in Australia, a dedicated painted who designed comic and other cards to make himself enough money to carry on painting. He worked … Continue reading

Happy New Beer

Week 53 A cheery beer for the new year above, and an ebay postcard below, one of several copies of this ‘Siege of Sidney Street’ card that’s been around lately. It does show the louvre ventilation openings rather nicely. The siege happened in 1911, when the killers of three policemen were traced to a flat … Continue reading

The curse of scaffolding strikes again!

Week 49 Back from London/Swindon/Lewes with a huge virtual mound of potential illustrations to go through. Survived trial by lecture at the Vic Soc, a very keen and interested audience fortunately, and the projection facilities were excellent (a rare thing). Saw some lovely new acquisitions at EH in Swindon, then a couple of days in … Continue reading

Burton’s strong foundation

Week  35 Heading through London last weekend I walked along the brand new Kings Boulevard that now links St Pancras Station to the old goods yards to the north, partly now known as Granary Square and looking like a splendid bit of redevelopment. The boulevard runs north-east from beside the German Gym, and is lined … Continue reading