Whitechapel to Mile End

Week 33 And as we all get over our Olympic hangovers, here’s a few more pics from London, this time along the Whitechapel Road (which turns into the Mile End Road). Firstly what’s left of the former Mann, Crossman & Paulin’s Albion Brewery, which closed in 1979. Most of the site was demolished and is … Continue reading

On Hampstead High Street

Week 32 Can’t think how many times I may have walked past this archway on Hampstead High Street and not turned down through the narrow passageway to see the former brewery to the rear, which is a very fine structure in yellow London stock brick but – unlike the street frontage – unlisted. Thus, last … Continue reading

Of lions and a ram

Week 31 This week I have been deep in the archaeological entrails of brewing, feeling a little like a guest at a party whose purpose has not been revealed. It appears that the traditional archaeologists and the modern experimental archaeologists have distinctly different views about how their subject should be studied – and apologies to … Continue reading

In the Cannon’s backyard

Week 27 So here’s what lies behind the huge gates of the former Cannon Brewery in St John Street: what seems to have been offices on the right, where redevelopment – involving repairs to the large clock – is taking place. A massive range stands further back, now accessed by a sloping ramp; this is … Continue reading

An Islington Cannon

Week 26 Progress on book quite good this week; now have a seven-page geographical brewery index (one of three indexes, or indices if you prefer), built up from sites I know will be illustrated. With this, and knowing a good chunk of the photography is settled, I can start work on the actual text – … Continue reading

Combe’s in Covent Garden

Week 22 I wonder how many of the crowds thronging Covent Garden’s Shelton Street realise that they are walking through a former brewery – if not quite through its yard (a private but visible space) – then certainly along roads lined with brewery buildings. Indeed the cellars of Belgian brew/food specialists Belgo are probably part … Continue reading

Signs at random

Week 20 Here are a few more pub signs fished out from the photographic backlog, as I’m about to set off for Birmingham on a partly photo taking trip. Hope to be able to see the former M&B site on Cape Hill in Smethwick, and take a pic of the war memorial there, amongst other locations. … Continue reading

A Week in Wiltshire

Week 12 Spent most of last week in fog-bound Swindon rummaging about in English Heritage’s vast archives – rather like an academic form of weight training, shifting huge boxes of heavy papers and photographs all day. It was extremely useful, found lots of good stuff thanks to much help from EH staff, and am now in … Continue reading

Newcastle Breweries Office

Week 11 Looking forward to seeing the breweries records at the National Monuments Record (English Heritage) in Swindon later this week. I’m specially keen to see their collection of aerial photographs, which come in two types, vertical and oblique. The verticals might possibly be useful (if at large enough scale) to look at the brewery … Continue reading

Hops and holidays

Week 8 A blast from the past this week as I have been getting down to serious picture research, firstly going through my own collection of brewery-related imagery. My old 35mm slides were a bit of a disappointment (although these would probably reproduce least well in any case) as most of them were taken when … Continue reading