Good stabling and motor pit

Week 66 Captions, captions, captions – just done number 40 out of 315. Need to keep churning them out at 15 a day for three weeks to get done. The trick is to provide added value, not duplicate what’s in the text, not be too verbose, while being as accurate as I was while writing … Continue reading

Now to Dusseldorf

Week 42 As promised, here we are in Dusseldorf, specifically at the Brauerei zum Schlussel in the Old Town (Altstadt), which is jokingly known as the longest bar in Europe – did of course remind me of Newcastle’s Bigg Market (no breweries there though). Dusseldorf was an accidental destination but turned out to be excellent … Continue reading

A beer in Bamberg

Week 39 For our photos this week, on to Franconia, in southern Germany, and in particular the city of Bamberg, well known to beer lovers for its multiplicity of brewhouse-taverns and the local smoked beer (rauchbier), which turned out to have a surprisingly mellow flavour. The old part of the city is a UNESCO world … Continue reading

A most unlikely brewery

Week 21 Or rather, not so much that the brewery was unlikely, but that the building in its present form looks nothing like the normal brewery layout. In fact this was Alfred Eadon’s Plant Brewery in the centre of Doncaster, and when functioning had a mass of ventilation louvres on its curving exterior – now replaced by … Continue reading

Signs at random

Week 20 Here are a few more pub signs fished out from the photographic backlog, as I’m about to set off for Birmingham on a partly photo taking trip. Hope to be able to see the former M&B site on Cape Hill in Smethwick, and take a pic of the war memorial there, amongst other locations. … Continue reading

A Week in Wiltshire

Week 12 Spent most of last week in fog-bound Swindon rummaging about in English Heritage’s vast archives – rather like an academic form of weight training, shifting huge boxes of heavy papers and photographs all day. It was extremely useful, found lots of good stuff thanks to much help from EH staff, and am now in … Continue reading

The lion of Hartlepool

Week 3 Last weekend made a quick trip out to Hartlepool, to see and photograph the exterior of Cameron’s Lion Brewery. Lovely sunshine but bitterly cold. The only listed part of the brewery is one of three lions decorating the railings to the east of the brewery itself. He (it is definitely a chap) was … Continue reading