Beers all round, my copy of Built to Brew arrived at midday today, 24th June 2014. It has taken a while to get from first submission to printing (a little over a year), but it has been worth the wait, the book looks fantastic. So, potential readers, over to you now – you will probably … Continue reading

Put out more flags!

Put out more flags! As Evelyn Waugh said in a completely different context. The news is that Built to Brew now exists as a book; advance copies have arrived at the publisher’s office, and should reach their warehouse next week. I know nothing of the intricacies of book distribution, but this perhaps means that the book … Continue reading

Here’s to the end of May

Latest news on the publication date of Built to Brew is: the end of May 2014. Also, it is good to know that it is being printed in England – seems appropriate somehow, for a book about beer. By the way, the page count came out at 256 in the end (don’t be misled by … Continue reading

And finally the index

Latest news on the breweries book is that it now has an index, in draft form at any rate. Although technically I don’t have to provide the index, I do have to check it. So how do you check an index? By doing the index…. And if you have never done one, they are a … Continue reading

Where they stored our beer

Week 61 Most of my time in the last few days seems to have been taken up with staring at maps of railways – I have a splendidly nerdy and very useful historical atlas of London railways, amongst other things. This is all connected with the chapter on Burton, for of course the Burton brewers, … Continue reading

A complexity of coppersmiths

Week 57 I’ve been trying to sort out the company history of the Pontifex family of coppersmiths, well known in the 19th century for their splendid brewing coppers, like the two by Pontifex and Wood at the former Ram Brewery in Wandsworth. There were many, many Pontifexs (must be Pontifexes surely?) and since I don’t … Continue reading

Burton’s strong foundation

Week  35 Heading through London last weekend I walked along the brand new Kings Boulevard that now links St Pancras Station to the old goods yards to the north, partly now known as Granary Square and looking like a splendid bit of redevelopment. The boulevard runs north-east from beside the German Gym, and is lined … Continue reading

Signs at random

Week 20 Here are a few more pub signs fished out from the photographic backlog, as I’m about to set off for Birmingham on a partly photo taking trip. Hope to be able to see the former M&B site on Cape Hill in Smethwick, and take a pic of the war memorial there, amongst other locations. … Continue reading

Newcastle Breweries Office

Week 11 Looking forward to seeing the breweries records at the National Monuments Record (English Heritage) in Swindon later this week. I’m specially keen to see their collection of aerial photographs, which come in two types, vertical and oblique. The verticals might possibly be useful (if at large enough scale) to look at the brewery … Continue reading

King Edward’s Mash

Week 9 Taken time out to look back at some photos of brewing kit shot when last at the National Brewery Centre in Burton. I particularly like the large manufacturer’s nameplates, including one that proclaims King Edward brewed here, or words to that effect! The book is progressing, with the list of photos for chapters slowly … Continue reading