And now for the design

So, after a lot of intensive re-editing and in-depth scrutiny of all the illustrations and their various legal permissions, we have reached the exciting stage where the whole thing has been delivered to the book designer. Yesss! I’ve had my say about the cover and back cover pics, so we just have to wait and … Continue reading

In sunny Suffolk

Week 50 Since the outside world is currently covered in ice (the dog is not best pleased), what better to do than update the blog. Here’s a few pics of sunnier times in Ipswich on the impressive quayside, looking particularly at maltings, as I am writing a small section on them at the moment. One can … Continue reading

Sun, rain and scaffolding

Week 10 After much thumbing through lists and checking through databases, I now have a list of around 200 out of the 250 or so photographs that are going to be included in the book. While this is only an initial list – doubtless around half of these will be changed in the end – … Continue reading

And so to Bury

Week 6 Really this continues the photo story from last week, as here are a few of my Greene King Brewery pics from Bury St Edmunds. The sun chose to shine very briefly, just long enough for a handsome shot of the interwar brewhouse. This week I’ve been in Stoke-on-Trent, where the Potteries Museum and … Continue reading

Anchored in Norwich

Week 5 Out and about in Norwich and Bury St Edmunds this week, taking photos of a couple of former brewery sites in the former, and of course Greene King in the latter. Sadly not time enough for a brewery tour – hope to do that in the nearish future – but at least had long enough … Continue reading

Oh to be in Southwold!

Week 4 This week am off to Norwich, to take photos of what’s left of Bullard’s Anchor Brewery. Sadly its tall black chimney has gone – used to park nearby when on days out in Norwich as a kid, it was a real landmark. However the plaque from its base survives, built into the new … Continue reading

Getting started

Actually, the worst bit of writing a book has already been done, the synopsis – they are always excruciating. But on the plus side, if you get them right, then all you have to do is follow your own instructions, as it were, and out comes a book. (Simples.) So I’m just at the stage … Continue reading