And now we can see the cover……

Built to Brew – as the book is called – now features in English Heritage’s 2014 book catalogue, available online here. Turn to page 6 for a preview of the cover and contents. And guess where the images come from – both from the same brewery….  

Making progesss

I can see from the bright sunshine on the previous post that it’s been some time since I updated the world (well, a handful of people) on how the book is progressing. So, what has been happening since the material was sent to the publisher in mid May? Firstly they do an initial check to see … Continue reading

Autumn sunshine in Sussex

Week 44 Now that the clocks have gone back and it’s dark at 5 pm – thus nothing to do but write until it is the beer hour, no skiving off by ambling out with the dog! – I thought we might retrace our steps a month or so and enjoy the sunshine in Lewes, where … Continue reading