Don Brewery, Sheffield

Thanks to all at the British Guild of Beers Writers/Brewery History Society seminar last week who made it such a brilliant day. Sold a few books at lunchtime as well! Stopped off in Sheffield on the way back up north to take some factory/industrial pics, and finally saw this remnant of the Don Brewery (demolished … Continue reading

Never too early/late for Christmas

This postcard of a Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries shop is one that didn’t make the cut for book illustrations, although it is a nice cheery shot of the shop all decked out for the festive season. A good quality photograph too – though most of what seems to be on sale is whisky rather than beer. … Continue reading

Round squares

Week 70 Seventy weeks and the book is good to go! (To meet its maker, as it were……) Well, a few possible amendments aside, it is ready, and that includes adding in where all the illustrations should go and cross-referencing them in the text, and sorting out all the letters of permission, that is making … Continue reading

Big barleycorns

Week 68 And on we plod through the captions, just reached number 200 out of 316 – seems like a minor landmark. It is a process not without interest, as photos reveal things previously unnoticed, and when the pics are put together with the text the result should look fantastic. Still, I shall be quite … Continue reading

What happened to the brewhouse?

Week 67 This week some pictures from Leeds, where the old Tetley’s site came as something of a surprise. It is so difficult keeping an eye on what’s happening with site redevelopments when they are not on your doorstep, and I’d read that the older part of Tetley’s, including the original brewhouse, was being kept … Continue reading

London old, London new

Week 58 Back from a flying visit to the British Library at the weekend, amongst other things delving further into the Pontifex family of coppersmiths, who were very dominant in the plant production scene in London in early to mid Victorian times. Thanks to a splendid piece of family history research found in the BL, … Continue reading

A most unlikely brewery

Week 21 Or rather, not so much that the brewery was unlikely, but that the building in its present form looks nothing like the normal brewery layout. In fact this was Alfred Eadon’s Plant Brewery in the centre of Doncaster, and when functioning had a mass of ventilation louvres on its curving exterior – now replaced by … Continue reading

Signs at random

Week 20 Here are a few more pub signs fished out from the photographic backlog, as I’m about to set off for Birmingham on a partly photo taking trip. Hope to be able to see the former M&B site on Cape Hill in Smethwick, and take a pic of the war memorial there, amongst other locations. … Continue reading