Meanwhile in Southwark

The publication date of Built to Brew will be a bit later than expected (technical hitch), so while we are waiting here is an interesting piece of stained glass work from Christ Church in Southwark (about a quarter mile north of Southwark underground, and open most mornings – check their website). The nave features a … Continue reading

Just a few days to go……

Yes, just a few days to go until publication, which will probably be about 28 May 2014. Can’t say exactly as it is a matter of moving physical copies around the country – and as I can tell you from previous experience, quite often the author is one of the last people to get a … Continue reading

Here’s to the end of May

Latest news on the publication date of Built to Brew is: the end of May 2014. Also, it is good to know that it is being printed in England – seems appropriate somehow, for a book about beer. By the way, the page count came out at 256 in the end (don’t be misled by … Continue reading

Almost at the printers

After rigorous checking of the three indexes (indices?) the complete final text of Built to Brew¬†has gone off to the designer who will integrate the few small changes into the overall design. And then…. off to the printers! Not sure whether I get to see actual page proofs (ie paper rather than pdfs) but publication … Continue reading

And finally the index

Latest news on the breweries book is that it now has an index, in draft form at any rate. Although technically I don’t have to provide the index, I do have to check it. So how do you check an index? By doing the index…. And if you have never done one, they are a … Continue reading

And now we can see the cover……

Built to Brew – as the book is called – now features in English Heritage’s 2014 book catalogue, available online here. Turn to page 6 for a preview of the cover and contents. And guess where the images come from – both from the same brewery….  

It’s May!

We now have a proposed publication date for Built to Brew – and it is May 2014! Caution suggests that it might be June or thereabouts, but let’s hope for May. We are nearing the end of tidying up the page layouts and final text amendments, then the index can be sorted out. Not long … Continue reading

Never too early/late for Christmas

This postcard of a Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries shop is one that didn’t make the cut for book illustrations, although it is a nice cheery shot of the shop all decked out for the festive season. A good quality photograph too – though most of what seems to be on sale is whisky rather than beer. … Continue reading

Happy New Beer Year

Happy New Year and lots of beer to all of you who have been reading this blog – and many, many thanks. We are nearly there with editing the book, just shuffling a few pics around for maximum effect and sorting out some minor details, but should be finished and off to the printer early … Continue reading

Built to Brew page layouts arrive!

Into my inbox last night dropped a pdf file with the complete page layout for the book – very much a wow moment as it looks wonderful. No doubt a few tweaks will be necessary here and there, but it is great to see the result of all the picture research and writing in one … Continue reading