King Edward’s Mash

Week 9

Taken time out to look back at some photos of brewing kit shot when last at the National Brewery Centre in Burton. I particularly like the large manufacturer’s nameplates, including one that proclaims King Edward brewed here, or words to that effect! The book is progressing, with the list of photos for chapters slowly coming together. There are about 250 photos in the book, thus this is time-consuming but worthwhile. As my publisher is English Heritage, I am lucky to be able to make use of their vast archive of photographs and other material, and in a couple of weeks I shall be off to Swindon to have an initial dig around. If you’ve seen the English Heritage book Licensed to Sell: The history and heritage of the public house by Geoff Brandwood, Andrew Davison and Michael Slaughter (a new edition came out in 2011, highly recommended), then you’ll see what we are aiming at with this book on breweries, as it is intended as a companion volume. I’m hoping to complete the actual writing sometime in early 2013, but publication will be a good while after that (all those illustrations to sort out!), so check back later for the announcement of a date – meanwhile, we can say it is ‘forthcoming’, as the academics have it.

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