Heritage Calls

I’ve just added a post to the English Heritage blog Heritage Calling, all about beer and the church. This week’s photo is a postcard view of Palmers Brewery in Bridport, probably dating from the early 1900s. Curious structures in front of the water wheel.

Shopping at the museum

Week 69 Realised I hadn’t quite finished off the Hertford pics, so here’s what the Old Brewery now looks like, in its new role as a backdrop to Sainsbury’s. McMullen’s, of course, still brew in Hertford, but not in this brewhouse, which has been renovated as part of the redevelopment and now awaits new tenants, … Continue reading

A beer in Bamberg

Week 39 For our photos this week, on to Franconia, in southern Germany, and in particular the city of Bamberg, well known to beer lovers for its multiplicity of brewhouse-taverns and the local smoked beer (rauchbier), which turned out to have a surprisingly mellow flavour. The old part of the city is a UNESCO world … Continue reading

Beer around Brussels

Week 37 Back from Franconia (photos to come in future weeks, including the brewery museum in Bamberg) but still catching up with beery pics from Brussels. Here’s a few taken en route from the Brewers’ House in the Grand Place to the Cantillon Brewery-cum-museum. A splendid shop window display of local and other brews, and … Continue reading

A very heaven of beer

Week 30 At last I have seen Southwick Brewhouse in Hampshire, an historic brewhouse-now-museum with great examples of old brewing kit; to cap it all, its current function is a bottled (and other) beer shop, so heaven couldn’t get much better! I took a train down from London to near Portsmouth, then had to get … Continue reading

Beer from 66 degrees north (nearly)

Week 28 An excursion to Iceland this week, which is almost on the Arctic Circle, around 66 degrees north. Beer was banned there until the late 1980s, and is still not easily available in shops¬†– it can only be bought from government liquor stores, which are few and far between. Bars, as such, are not … Continue reading

Wayan in the Veneto

Week 17 Nothing to do with the book whatsoever, but here’s a few pics of breweries near Venice, seen last week. The BEFeD brew pub chain has several outlets, this one being to the south-east of Palmanova – the Italian equivalent of Ludlow, both being slow food towns! Saw another BEFeD in Trieste. The beer … Continue reading

Brewing the Shropshire Way

Week 15 Spent part of last week in Shropshire, walking a chunk of the Shropshire Way (more a network of paths than a single trail) running south from Bishop’s Castle. Thus I could thoroughly enjoy the products of the county’s breweries, firstly from the famous Three Tuns pub-brewhouse at Bishop’s Castle. Listed grade II, its … Continue reading

Brewed in Bristol

Week 13 Still working my way to the top of the pile of potential illustrations culled from my week or so down in Swindon, including some wonderfully detailed drawings of the brewing kit at the Stag Brewery in Pimlico – which you will have to wait until the book comes out to see, unfortunately! On … Continue reading

Beer and cricket

Week 2 Consolidation, followed by an interruption in the form of a request to write an article on cricket pavilions for a conservation journal. So am briefly concentrating on cricket before being submerged in beer again shortly. Of course, cricket and beer do go together historically¬†– after all, it is not so long ago (relatively) … Continue reading