New brews in old breweries

Week 16 Continuing on from last week’s post, here’s more on Shropshire in the form of the Ludlow Brewing Company’s premises in, er, Ludlow. The company started up in 2006, occupying a grade II listed 250-year-old building once used as a maltings. Thus it was then one of around 25 or so microbreweries that have cannibalised, so … Continue reading

Brewing the Shropshire Way

Week 15 Spent part of last week in Shropshire, walking a chunk of the Shropshire Way (more a network of paths than a single trail) running south from Bishop’s Castle. Thus I could thoroughly enjoy the products of the county’s breweries, firstly from the famous Three Tuns pub-brewhouse at Bishop’s Castle. Listed grade II, its … Continue reading

W for Wethered’s

Week 14 Fished out of my collection of older brewing slides this week is one from the Thomas Wethered & Sons Marlow Brewery, taken in 1995 just as the site was starting to be redeveloped as housing. Brewing (then by Whitbread’s) had ceased in 1988. Just off Marlow’s desirable High Street, no wonder this was … Continue reading