Down in Dorchester

Week 64 It was really interesting to see what was going on at the former Eldridge Pope Dorchester Brewery – would have been good to have a sunnier day for photos, but at least it was mellow mistiness rather than pouring rain, typical Hardy Country weather. There’s a lot of information available online about the … Continue reading

A mysterious window in Bridport

Week 63 Back from trip to wet Wessex with hundreds of photos, despite what did indeed turn out to be a pretty damp few days in Hardy (the author not the brewers…) country, but with misty low clouds rather than pouring rain so photography was just about possible. Dorset itself was delightful – turned out … Continue reading

A very heaven of beer

Week 30 At last I have seen Southwick Brewhouse in Hampshire, an historic brewhouse-now-museum with great examples of old brewing kit; to cap it all, its current function is a bottled (and other) beer shop, so heaven couldn’t get much better! I took a train down from London to near Portsmouth, then had to get … Continue reading

Newcastle Breweries Office

Week 11 Looking forward to seeing the breweries records at the National Monuments Record (English Heritage) in Swindon later this week. I’m specially keen to see their collection of aerial photographs, which come in two types, vertical and oblique. The verticals might possibly be useful (if at large enough scale) to look at the brewery … Continue reading

The mystery of the en rule

Week 7 This week I have been laying the foundations of the brewing book, that is setting up all the files and so on correctly. Sounds dull (it is, though also essential) but it means that when I come to start writing, I don’t have to think about publisher’s house style, it is all set … Continue reading

And so to Bury

Week 6 Really this continues the photo story from last week, as here are a few of my Greene King Brewery pics from Bury St Edmunds. The sun chose to shine very briefly, just long enough for a handsome shot of the interwar brewhouse. This week I’ve been in Stoke-on-Trent, where the Potteries Museum and … Continue reading

Anchored in Norwich

Week 5 Out and about in Norwich and Bury St Edmunds this week, taking photos of a couple of former brewery sites in the former, and of course Greene King in the latter. Sadly not time enough for a brewery tour – hope to do that in the nearish future – but at least had long enough … Continue reading

Oh to be in Southwold!

Week 4 This week am off to Norwich, to take photos of what’s left of Bullard’s Anchor Brewery. Sadly its tall black chimney has gone – used to park nearby when on days out in Norwich as a kid, it was a real landmark. However the plaque from its base survives, built into the new … Continue reading

The lion of Hartlepool

Week 3 Last weekend made a quick trip out to Hartlepool, to see and photograph the exterior of Cameron’s Lion Brewery. Lovely sunshine but bitterly cold. The only listed part of the brewery is one of three lions decorating the railings to the east of the brewery itself. He (it is definitely a chap) was … Continue reading

Beer and cricket

Week 2 Consolidation, followed by an interruption in the form of a request to write an article on cricket pavilions for a conservation journal. So am briefly concentrating on cricket before being submerged in beer again shortly. Of course, cricket and beer do go together historically – after all, it is not so long ago (relatively) … Continue reading